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A close friend wrote me a song...

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Here is her site

It isn't the first song, though. It's the one called Michael (I wouldn't let her use my first name). It is the second one at the time of this writing. Anyway, I'm not trying to whore out my friend's music page, but I thought maybe some of you would relate.

This is the message I sent to her after hearing it: (the song is, obviously, a reply to my suicidal state at the time)

It is amazing. I figure I at least owe you my thoughts on it.

Every time I hear it, I cry. Maybe just a light misting, maybe a deep, soulful weeping, but I always cry. It is an outsider

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Sorry, it "seems" to "play" on her site but no sound comes out. (volume adjusted. Nothing.)

Intersting site.

LOTS of songs hold "echos" for depression. Lots of scenes in movies, situations in malls! The world throws these reflections back at us in every little thing sometimes. I can see how having it come from someone close and having it be an actual perception of YOU could be very intense.

But I can't comment on the song.

I think it's good that you have a perceptive friend.

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First, she is hugely talented, and the song is--like someone hit me between the eyes. I plan to try to send her a message tomorrow, and get the word around about her music. I am really knocked out by her and by her work. And its not often I say that anymore--

blessings for sharing--


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