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Back in the day I was all savvy when it came to the latest greatest meds. for the symptoms that plauge me. I was a walking pharmacy.

(I thought I was over that, not so much)

I've entered that head space that once again requires an atypical.

I was expect something I'd heard of before but "oh look a newbie."

So of course I'm doing my homework and reading up on the drug and I'm SCARED SHITLESS!!!!!!!

I don't need to gain more weight, I don't need to lactate, I don't need to twitch uncontrolably.

I do need the ability to have a quit mind and focus and actually have the ability to live my life and not be paralyzed by paranoia (among other things).

What's my point?

Someone..help, please.

What's the deal with Invega?

Do i honestly want to go down this road AGAIN?

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I've taken Invega. Basically Invega is an extended release form of risperdal, allowing for once a day dosing. Most of what you read on risperdal may apply to Invega as well. 3mg is a lower than "normal" dose as the website says the "average" dose is 6mg. Invega is not a bad medication if you can get past the initial side effects.

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Think of invega as "risperdal-lite"--all the action, fewer side effects, and hey--costs more! With risperdal going generic soon, it's also basically a patent extender.

"Normal" dose is 6 mg, up to 12 mg. Or so it says. I only made it through the sample pack till I got a look at the price but I had no side effects...unlike regular risperdal, unfortunately...

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