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more intense as years go by

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lookin for some other opinions - not medical ones i know u arent all docs - just advice from those wit experience

i have always had what i call 'bad headaches" they never stopped me doing things, id prefer not too cause my head would ache badly, but i wasnt stuck i guess u could say.

in 2000 i had a serious car accident and broke my breast bone, damaged my knees, all the other typical crash injuries and if i didnt have a seat belt on i would not b here to write this. the broken breast bone killed and i was on strong pain killers during recovery. i neva became dependent or abusive of the drugs - but i needed at lot - and had to take codiene & para pain killers regularly for next year.

since then if i had a headache a simple paracetamol (sorry 4 spelling) tablet wouldnt do jack, i needed at least a small dose of codiene to get any relief.

now it is i get migraines - very bad - like stop daily functioning to a dead stand still - i am like a vampire as soon as i hit the lite i shake uncontrolably and throw up in an instant. i take the strongest prescription pain killers and they do NOTHING not a little bit even

spoke to doc, cant think of a trigger, she gave me these daily tablets to take but they make me so so sleepy and after becoming catatonic and taken to hospital more then once on AP that made me 2 sleepy, i cant take them.

what else could i do?

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