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Who can resist arrogance ?

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Can anyone with GAD, or some other MI, BP what have you, resist going off like a Pipeline wave on a shallow reef , big north swell when some arrogant person is cross with the peace of the day? I want to crush them to the bottom for shark treats, I just can't stop myself from having a few words with the half witted bottom dweller who drank too much Kono coffee that day.

"I used to get those, too, REALLY badly before Topamax, Risperdal/Haldol, and an AD. Any AD. CNS and I agree on those fronts. I find that the "impulses" like that were less related to BP and more related to a lot of OCD behaviors, and Topamax especially is an off-label treatment for OCD and other impulse-control disorders." quoted from Kazuma on another topic.

Is it just me?

I had just finished my lunch at the ski lodge, which was empty, lots of tables, seats, and I cleared my table off by moving my tray to an empty table. BTW this lodge has bus boys to clear the trays. I have a thing about dirty dishes, too.

As soon as I do this, I notice that this person is giving me the evil eye, standing there gesturing and huffing about. He already picked out a table but NOW Mr. Ahole wanted to sit at this already

dirty table..as ppl had just left with some beer bottles and scraps there. Get the picture.

I just was sitting there, and I knew he was going to say something, so I asked him what his so obvious problem was. Oh, I got an answer, I was taking up two tables( huh ). I said nicely to him that the lodge had bus service and would be there in a matter of minutes to clear the table, I even offered to flag the boys down.

Then he asked in a abrupt manner, without a PLEASE, if I could move the my trays back to my table. This was quickly setting me off. I said no I will not, period, that he should chill out and wait for the dudes to clear it off.

He was a young Black man, and he was not satified with my refusal to comply with his demands.

He then called ME a Nasty Old man.......errrrrrrrrrrrr......... (was he baiting me to say a racial slur), I felt so, I didn't. I said listen dude I did not ask for your opinion of my age or

temperment. At this point I am lauching into a full blown wacked out anxiety melt down with shaking and racing thoughts to crush this arrogant, invading my space M F'er.

Luckily my wife came back, before I really flipped, and stood in between us. She called him halfed baked for carrying on with me about fuckin' trays and just moved them back to our table.

So hmmmmmmmm.......

I am going to bring this up at my next Pdoc session. GRRRRRRRRRR. I still get mad thinking about should be shark bait.


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Perky people, especially batshit perky people, piss me off big time, cause they are often like reformed alcoholics, or smokers who quit--they know "the secret" and if all of us grumpy, irrational ,generally nutso people would just pay attention--why, we could be perky too.

Fuck you--I have never been perky have no desire to be perky and hope to god someone puts my out of my misery if iI get that way in old age (Not much a of a chance, but the kids and hubby have their instructfions.

I also don't want people in my space too much--so on that, yeah, to the bottom of a nice 15 foot curl(well, 15 Hawaiian)---shark bate. Like the asshole I had to go beggint to this AM not to cut my water off. Ho hum, just another piece of poor white trash to him. FUCK YOU.

I'm with you Dusty, all the way--

china, feeling grumpy and tired andway too relaxed (Klonopin) to remember that I am suppoed to be ordering a pizza. OOps.

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I get arrogant and self-righteous with people I view as arrogant and self-righteous. I lash out at them with whatever information and means that I have at my disposal, and at times work myself up into a frenzy. I don't deal with being belittled and invalidated very well. Or being told that I'm being sarcastic or joking around when I'm deadly serious. That really gets me going. My temper goes off and I have the tendency to go after people or throw things, and it's not very good. I hate being invalidated with the fire of 10,000 suns. Once I get that mad at someone, there's pretty much no going back.

It's even worse if I'm manic or mixed at the time. Or off meds. Then it's pure evil.

I THINK..lol, that the point of taking meds doing tdoc speak is not to be MAD. I don't mean mad in the normal way I am talking MAD, crazy. I wasn't MAD but I was keeping cool, outwardly somwhat shaking, but not raising my voice, whereas shark bait seemed to stay calm, well you know as if it was a game for him. Pushing my buttons.

I was very calm before that. It ruined my morning.

There is so much going on in the workplace in the USA now on Harassment. With a real spotlight on it. The laws are very strict in the sense that ppl do have a right to be free of and verbal, non verbal, physical and even unintenional stress that is caused by the general term harassment.

Yes I do feel I was being harassed in this situation, and that is what set me off. Maybe it was not intentional but he had a negative impact on me.

Maybe I should had just stood up and said get away from me or I will call the police. lol.

ya think?


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