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sooo excited...but?

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hi All!!

dont know if its the same time for you, but here its 5.50 am ;)

i am SOO excited... nothign is happening really but i woke up at 4.30 and tried to go back to sleep but its impossible i am just bouncing up and down. i keep yawning but i am realy full of energy.

i dont know what to DO with myself.

you know, like static electricity, how all yoru hair stands out? thats how i feel now - the energy is zooming out.

i need to find something to do or im gonna go crazy.

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ummm...is this good excitement, or scary manic excitement? i assume you're aware of your own signals, might not hurt to do a quick self-assessment.

c'mon back and let us know how you're doing.


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uhh welll ive been kinda like this for a few weeks so possibly scary manic but i dont quite know what to do took seroquel a few times but makes me dopey and excited and angry at same time which is weird and not fun. i would quite like to go back to sleep cos i have exciting dreams too but cant.

and just had coffee so no more yawning ;)

i get that red dangerous feeling makes me feel devilish which is funny.

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