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gonna be tapering down....

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this past weekend, i refilled my celexa. ive been on 40mg for a while. i still had some 40mg left so i didnt open the new bottle till last night. i noticed it was a different color so i checked the label. lo and behold, they were only 20mg. i had a pnurse appt today so i took both bottles in to see what was going on.

with lots of my memory gone due to ECT, i didnt have any recollection of me supposed to be lowering the dose and she didnt know anything about it. she called the pharmacy and come to find out, the new rx was prescribed by my pdoc when i was inpatient. when i saw her 2 weeks ago i told her to not write me a new rx slip cuz i had one written already and was just waiting to submit it when my current bottle ran out.

she told me that apparently the pdoc wants me to lower the dose to 20mg so she said to just do that.

of course, after i got home today and before i posted this, i did a search on the forum to see about lowering the dose cuz im kind of nervous about lowering from 40 to 20. i found that most recommendations were to taper to 30mg for 10 days then taper to 20mg.

i still had a few 40mg left, so what i ended up doing is using a pill splitter and splitting my 40mgs in half and splitting some 20mgs in half and mixing them 1/2 of each into my pill box. so for the next 10 days, i'll take 1/2 40mg (20mg) and half 20 mg(10mg) which will give me a total of 30mg a day. after that, i'll have 8 days left of my half of 40mg (20mg) and after that i can start just taking the actual 20mg. phew!

i didnt want to just throw away my last few 40mgs and i didnt want to drop straight from 40mg to 20mg so this way i can use up all my extra 40mgs and not have to waste them and i get to have a 10 day cushion before dropping to my newly prescribed 20mg. make sense?

plus i just titrated up from 50mg to 75mg on my lamictal and am supposed to titrate again in 2 weeks to 100mg. so i think the 40mg to 30mg to 20mg, might be easier on my system with the lamictal titrating up.

does this sound about right to you guys?

oh and in my search i found that the posts dealing with tapering celexa were written by me in the 2 days before i went inpatient. boy, was i a mess! i want to thank each and every one of you for your kind responses during that time. not one response was sarcastic or rude, but rather, sympathetic and kind. i love you all! {{hugs}} ;) you guys are all the best! xxoo

(even if i AM smurfette!)

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