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Hello ^__^

I'm not entirely sure how to do a proper introduction, so I guess I'll just go with the basics.  I've been depressed for as long as I can remember - but recently  I've become a bit manic as well. Hyper, angry... different. My biological mother is bipolar, so I kind of expected it anyway, but I'm not liking it :)

I was on meds for depression and anxiety for about 5 years, and then about 4 months ago I got off of everything. I was doing really well. Not so much anymore. I went back to my psych this past Friday, and he gave me Lamictal and Zonegran. I went back today and I've got Anafranil and Xanax PRN

I've got an incredibly supportive husband who has been with me through major depression, suicide attempts, hospitalizations, and freak-outs. We've no kids, but 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 3 ferrets.

So yeah... here I am ;)

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i think you will find a lot of interesting folks and information here at crazyboards

i hope you have looked around this board and the old crazytalk board at


i believe the first two subjects on the crazytalk page referenced above

"Jerod's Trusted Minions, uh, Moderators"


"Just a girl.

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hi vc,

welcome to the site. were you getting therapy for the five years you were being medicated? i myself have suffered from major depression and general anxiety since late childhood but only in the last 2 years did i get put on meds and into proper therapeutic care. i have heard that people who are feeling quite good will take themselves off their meds only to find their situation deteriorate. i am being very careful to avoid that because i too am finally starting to feel quite a bit better. however, i am in what will be fairly long therapy i think. i believe i have had enough to 'get by', but i want to really push hard and find out what's really wrong with me in my head.

sorry for blabbering on about myself.

welcome to the site.


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