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wellbutrin not getting me well yet

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So, this is whats up:

(the pdoc thinks my bipolar diagnosis was wrong so i am now being treated for recurrent depression)

i'm a med student, or meant to be, and i am taking a 9 month sick break from med school and am nearing the end. i HAVE to take some exams in May

but am still feeling awful. I have been on Wellbutrin for 2 weeks and I have had increased energy, a couple of good days, but now

am bad again - really nothing out of the ordinary. Should I have noticed more of a response by now, as I know they say you should

notice changes within the 1st two weeks - I am still hopeful but doubt I'll wake up tomorrow at week 3 and start feeling better!

Would you move on the next AD or stick it out another week? I need to seems some changes!


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Who said you should notice real improvement within the first two weeks? While Wellbutrin can start working more quickly than some other AD's, even it takes longer than that - more like a month, at least, or maybe even two.

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Yep, Sasha is right. I could feel a difference in 3 days, but the full effect didn't really hit for a month to 6 weeks.

Also, which Wellbutrin are you taking? Some people do better with the XL, some with the SR. Are you taking 300 mg?

If you're taking the generic, some of us have had mixed results with it.

Give it some more time. And you need to do all the other stuff---get enough sleep every night, eat healthy food, stay hydrated and get some exercise. The AD can't do it all.


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