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Surmontil / Trimipramine

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Ok, I had to dig to find this oldie but goodie.

Surmontil is a Tricyclic Antidepressant (TCA). It has very strong antidepressant, anti anxiety (anxiolytic) and sedative effects. It is a very good sleep aid and the only one that doesn't modify the sleep states (important).

TCA's are often considered old fashioned, but they work as good as or better than SSRI, but tend to have more side effects. You may experience drying of the mucosa, (good if you have allergies) and may experience some urinary/bowel changes (like mild difficulty starting, or not sensing the need to go until very late). Generally these aren't problems for most people.

From experience with other TCA's I can say, be patient with the side effects, they will ease off with time.

Here's hoping this one fits your needs!


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Thanks! Does it cause weight gain?

Usually the more sedating ones are associated with weight gain, but that is going to depend on how active you are.

I've seen weight gain listed as a common side effect, but it's not not listed as the most common side effect. Apparently some people lost weight while on it. If you are worried about it, then you might want to consider more exercise (indoors) once you start feeling better.

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