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Best ssri for anxiety?

Guest Raj

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What is the best food for hunger? ;)

Off hand I'm not aware of a grouping of SSRI's for anxiety. Perhaps one of our more highly educated pharma members may be aware.

For me Cymbalta has been a life saver.(yes I know it's not an SSRI, but an SNRI).


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Obviously to get an informed answer, you're going to have to supply more information. Everyone is different. Everyones body reacts differently to different meds. You may have to go through your own trials to make sure you're getting what works for you.

I can't take SSRI's at all. I'm on a different class of meds to help with my anxiety. I had to learn the hard way that SSRI's were too stimulating for me.

Also. Are you depressed? Lexapro is commonly used for people who have depression and anxiety together. Lexapro is stimulating and isn't good if you are tangling with anxiety alone.

It appears someone has suggested an SSRI to you, or you've read about it. So either come back with more of the story, or take your p-doc's recommendations. (I am assuming you have one)


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I am wondering. of the ssris what are some of the best for one with anxiety?

Gratefully yours,


My doc told me that paroxetine (Generic) Paxil,aropax. Was the best for anxiety and panic attacks. My anxst dropped like a stone within two hours of the first pill. Took 10 years to start to 'poop' but Depression has been the main issue since. But then as others have said whatever works, everyone is different. Main problem is the sexual side effect. You might want to try something that doesn't turn you into a Panda bear first.

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Lexapro, I'd say.

Different people respond differently to SSRI's and each individual ones seem to suit people differently. If one doesn't work try another. Zoloft, Prozac, Paxil would be worth trying after Lexapro IMO.

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