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when watching discovery show "the deep", amazed that fish like that even exist. that i could not even comprehend that they do. these fish, deep deep down in the ocean, create these amazing lights. they are created in such beautiful, or even ugly!, forms. forms that cannot even begin to be imagined without seeing it for yourself.

we should question our knowledge. try to grasp that which seems unlikely or impossible.

most cannot. their knowledge only touches the surface.

mental illness reaches those depths. but to explain, one will not believe without seeing for themselves.

they will only make assumptions based on limited information. it is the easiest way.

art forms are misunderstood.

emotions remain untouched.

mental illness is seeing beneath. this truth makes it difficult to exist.

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i've seen pix of those kinds of fish you're talking about, and you're right, they're just awe-inspiring.

and i like your comparison to our experience of being mentally interesting. like those amazing/beautiful/monstrous deep sea denizens, people who haven't seen/experienced what we have can't begin to imagine what it's like.

if we're fortunate, they can genuinely empathize. but they still can't see what we've seen, be where we've been.

i know often it's a challenging, painful thing - but isn't it sometimes an incredible thing, too - that we have access to that deep deep?

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