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Panic and Anxiety

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I guess its been a few nights since this has been happening.  I'll be watching a movie with my boyfriend and then BAM I'm scared of the movie, and I get all paranoid... like 'is that  cop car outside??' or my mom left me a phone message and i think 'OMG SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAS HAPPENED!!'.  The mom thought just happened 10 mins ago.  Now when my boyfriend called his mom, I was all paranoid that maybe they were going to talk about me!!  And nope, they aren't talking about me at all... 

I've just taken .5mg wafers of Klonopin so hopefully I'll calm the hell down.  I feel like I'm going nuts. ;) OMG this needs to stop right now...

Maybe its my meds?  Maybe its just me!

crazy meds:

200mg Lamictal at night daily (been on this dose for atleast 2 mos i think)

75mg Effexor XR in the morning (started about a month ago)

Klonopin .25mg wafers as needed up tp 1mg a day, but sometimes I exceed that because I freak out like this.

my diagnosis was Major Depression and anxiety with a few docs.  Then this one Dr at the hospital said I was bipolar.  My newest psychiatrist says I have anxiety, and depression caused by the anxiety.  He thinks that if I was bipolar at all... that I'm bipolar II. 

blah i cant think. hope thats enough info/

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Maybe you are BP and the Effexor is causing this? This was my experience w/ all ADs. Can't take any, period.

Extra Klonopin should help. One mg. a day is usually a maintenance dose for general anxiety.

Sometimes there is a fine line between mania and anxiety, at least for me. Are you focusing on the anxiety when there are other symptoms? Racing thoughts?

I would think Lamictal would help with this for most. It didn't for me.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one.  That's happened to me many many many times.  I'll be sitting down, getting ready to watch a movie and suddenly...just like you said, BAM, anxiety hits like a ton of bricks!  The movie doesn't even have to be scary.  The first thing that'll happen to me is the sudden fear.  Then my whole damn body will go numb.  Then the tunnel vision and hearing distortion.  Then my throat seemed to close up on me and I would suddenly forget to breathe.  I was on 1mg klonopin three times a day, then I started to do really good.  Then my doctor lowered back to 1mg twice a day.  I just realized a few days ago I over took them this month because of all the stress I've been going through.

My attacks would also happen over phone calls, just like you said.  Or if I just was in a strange situation that would push me into a panic.  I'm not sure if it's your other meds doing it or not.  But I would definitely tell your Pdoc about the attacks and all.  I know what it's like.  They're NOT fun and anyone who has suffered from them can tell you what a bitch these attacks are.  Hell, just talking about them takes guts!  I've actually had to go to the ER sometimes because my klonopin didn't bring me back to reality and or crisis couldn't talk me out of them.  I've been down this road now for four going on five years this summer.  I've lost friends over this too.  They couldn't handle being around me.  Can't say I don't blame them, then again, I don't consider them my friends anymore because I wouldn't ditch anyone who thought they were dying...because that's what I thought was happening to me every damn time I had an attack. 

I hope everything goes okay for you...I know the hell you're going through and I hope no one treats you like they treated me just because they couldn't handle what you are going through.  Anxiety is scary.  I don't care if it's a small attack or a huge attack.


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Nope...not just you.  My problem is when I'm out - mostly in stores.  I have no problem going to them, walking into them, and sometimes walking through them.  But, every so often BAM! I have to freeze where I am and massive amounts of people have to suddenly stop and walk around me me....I can't move because I know something very bad is going to happen if I do.  That guy I hang with (also known as hubby) has to physically guide me out of the way and find a xanax for me.  So, what's going to happen you ask?  Beats me - brain freezes up as well.  I just know that if I move, I'll trigger it.

Great...I just remembered I have to go to that big store that starts with a W today...by myself.  That's enough to start a panic attack as it is.  I hope I didn't jinx myself.  I'll have to stay close to the walls anyway.

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