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Hi all. I'd like to let people know in one post about my reactions to the antipsycotics of which I've taken...

Here is my list of medications that I've taken:

Zyprexa Zydis 5mg - the one I'm on now. Helps manage my bipolar disorder and doesn't cause restlessness like the other drugs I've taken.

Seroquel 100mg - only was able to take one dose. I had a paradoxic reaction to seroquel and got full blown psychosis from just one 100mg tablet. Never took it again.

Risperdal .5mg - helped manage sensory issues in relation to asperger's but after 6 weeks I got tics (or eps, whichever it was).

Invega 6mg - Gave me heart palpultations and chest pains.

Abilify (1 - 10mg) - too much restlessness. I truly get akithesia from this drug.

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