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thought id drop by, say hi and update on me

Stable as well stable have been since aug 05,. Still self injury free - since june 15 05!

in september last year started a BAhons in Social Care, having a blast

Course rep, LGBT officer on union council and lgbt officer on disabled students campaign for National union of students.

so much else happening all is good

meds wise on

200mg lamictal

25-50mg seroqual

20mg temazepam - prn!!

400mg gabapentin 4x a day for pain

100mg tramadol 3x a day for pain

and thyroxine!

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Yeah I am shocked myself at just how incredible and awesome my world is now that it sits still long enough for me to know what is happening, yeah I have anxiety on going but it is survivable, I just plod on, I don't allow the mental screwed up health to claim me as a victim and hostage, I say FUCK THAT and break free of it's straightjacket!

I often wondered if the world could become as it is now, thought it was a delusion of others, but now I have and continue to experience it all I can say is WOW! fucking hell this world is incredible and thank g-d I didn't loose my sanity entirerly and kept on swimming within the sea of sharks!

Better scamper gotta be out the house in 20 mins and still in my pjs!


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