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Mixed Episode + The Psychosis from Hell = Not doing so hot.

I can't take this. I really freaking can't take this. the added geodon is making me hallucinate MORE. what the hell is this!? I go back to my apartment tuesday. I'm nervous. But really I don't go back to my apartment until wednesday night because even though I'll b e there tuesday night my parents are picking me up wednesday morning at the butt crack of dawn to go to my cancer check in Rochester at the Mayo clinic. all day event. And I don't see a psychiatrist until march 17th. AND it'll be a brand new one since mine fudging dumped me. and I swear dustin and this other dude are trying to kill me.... I just can't take it. think my roomate is in on it. but she won't sleep in the room with me. probably because I'm such a loser.... thats probalby why they want to kill me. i'll shut up now. x_x

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