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Here I am, after days of surfing and relating I decided to make myself known I guess. First please forgive me if I dont really post much I consider myself that girl in the corner at a huge party that sips her beer and never really talks to anyone. After years of trying as hard as I could to socialize I can't bring myself to do it. No offense to anyone!!! ;)

I will be as brief as I can about myself...... I suffer in silence. I'm very good at completely shutting down emotionally, there is nothing inparticular that sets it off...it just happens. Have you ever been in a room full of people, friends,family,coworkers and you feel like your not even there like your better off being in bed because nobody gives a shit anyway if you are around of not. I cant figure out if its all in my head (which it most likely is) or if its actually the case. I have never been told an actuall dx but the light came on one day and I started paying attention to dsm-iv numbers at the bottom of the sheet It has included ADD (ok I knew that one), BP I & II, GAD,MDD and PTSD.

What a way to make a first impression!

Really, thanks for reading my rant I do look forward to trying to pull myself out of my hole by talking with people that understand.


rx: Adderall XR 20mg,Clonazepam 1mg, Trileptal 450mg

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