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Zyprexa + lithium = goodnight!

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I'm taking 20 mg of Paxil, 150 mg of lithium twice a day, and 2.5 mg of Zyprexa when I'm really depressed. I haven't been able to sleep lately and have been really depressed so I took the Zyprexa and my nighttime dose of lithium together last night.

My bad.

I was out within 20 minutes. Completely staggering all over the place-out. In a way it was refreshing but I woke up feeling like I had been dead.

Has anyone else used this combo before? Yikes!

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Guest Guest_jen_*


I take 1200 lithium and 15 zyprexa, along with a few other things. I like the combination. When I was on the Z alone it didn't stabilize my moods at all. I do sleep a lot though. I take a nap almost every day. Don't know what i'm gonna do if i have to start working.

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