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Sleep all day, up all night

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My pdoc thinks that I don't sleep too much but rather sleep all day and am up all night because I work a night job (6pm to 2am) and my internal clock has just changed around.

Does anyone else deal with this and how have you learned to cope with staying awake during the day? I have to get up early with 2 little girls.


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There was a story on NPR's Science Friday the other day about this (syndicated public radio station).....

They did these studies on the best way to reset your internal clock (for people who suffer from jet lag and people like you). The best results came when the subjects stopped eating for 16 hours before they were scheduled to wake up. So, say you want to wake up at 6 am, you would go to bed a bit early and get 9 hours sleep, then try as hard as possible to not eat anything for 7 hours before that. When you eat breakfast the following morning (16 hours later), it will help to reset your internal clock. Supposedly, it works like a charm. (For those it DOES work for)

Unless, of course, you're me, and you're stuck sleeping 2am-12pm no matter what you do. well, that or not sleeping at all.......

EDIT: Apparently this is an old post. Whoops. The information is still pertinent though....

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