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Ah sh*t ... ran out of depakote

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i mean ... i can get my rx at the pharmacy tomorrow morning, but i should be taking it tonite. god knows how i will sleep without it, but that's another story.

also, i fell asleep on the couch last night, so my usual 9m dose didn't get taken until 12:30am, so it pushes things out a little later. than usual.

i'm just a little concerned, and wonder if there is anything i should keep an eye peeled for, or will i be ok just being a day late?

should i take it first thing in the morning, or wait till my usual evening dose?


i hate this confusion.

if i could just remember the pharmacy closes at FIVE PM, not six pm, i'd be ok. but nooooooooooooo.

i have to have a hole in my brain where that infomation should be.

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I've missed just about every single one of my meds at least once...I am not the poster child for med compliance - DOH ;) . Sadly, the Depakote seems to be the only one that whacked me out - sorry to say...but I think it was whacking me out any way, so I doubt that matters. I wouldn't stress - just get up early and go to the pharmacy first thing and take it in the morning. That's what I used to do when I'd miss a dose. If it's the first time and you've been on it a while, you should be fine...but I'm not a doctor and well, ymmv.

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From what I remember from when I was on Dep, I'd say go ahead and take it when you pick it up tomorrow morning, then take your pm dose tomorrow night as usual.

I don't think missing a depakote dose was horrible, but I do remember feeling a little offish.

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It has a twelve hour shelf life, so you will only go till half past midnight with it. You will be okay with twelve hours without it, provided you get the rx from the pharmacy in the morning. Then take it in the morning, and then the usual evening time. I asked a pharmacist for advice, and whilst skipping anti convulsants is never good, you can miss up to two or three doses without necessarily having a seizure. It's a possibility, but not a certainty.

Tips for med compliance:

Set mobile alarms and reminders with post its around the house to remember your meds.

Have a pill box. Mine has made it so much easier to have my med doses correctly laid out for each week, and I can take compartments with me if I go on holiday.

Have a dose in a small box in your handbag, so if you are out and remember you haven't take it, you can take it. If you run out, you could take this one.

Set a weekly time for checking the med situation. I know each week on a Tuesday how my med situation is, because if I ring my doctors on a Tuesday, I can get my meds done and passed to the pharmacy by Thursday and pick up on Friday, I will never go a weekend without them.

Have your doctors number and the pharmacy number written in a visible place in case you need to make last minute calls to organize an emergency rx.

NEVER go away on holiday without checking your meds are in your bag!

Take your meds while you do an everyday task. I take mine when I put my make up on, and when I brush my teeth. If I do those things, I associate them with taking my meds.

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great tips for med compliance!!! i'm off to the pharmacy now. gonna ask them their advice too, and report back.

i always take my morning meds with my routine:

eyes, ears, nose and throat ...

each associated with something i can't forget ...

eyes being my meds so i can see the world better! :-)

i'm great with taking them when i have them, it's the getting to the pharmacy to get more thing that fouls me up.

i wish i had a mail order insurance plan. that would be awesome.

i tend towards the agoraphobic. ;)

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pharmacist i should be ok to just wait and take my usual dose tonite.

i've been snappy and irritable today, but that could just be the fact that i had to go out among the sunday shopping masses. ugh. people.

he said the likelihood of seizures would not come into play until several days without taking your dose.

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