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Therapists suggestion...

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My therapist is a little concerned about me. I don't know if its just me being naive and totally missing the whole need to be concerned.... but I don't really feel theres THAT much to be concerned about.

Maybe other than me cancelling all appointments and hiding up in my apartment convinced that space aliens have taken over my case managers body or something. *sigH* and no I'm not trying to be funny.

I'm very psychotic and starting to believe that the hallucinations are actually real. its really scary and I'm also extremely depressed

I also hear command hallucinations and they tell me to kill myself, and to injure myself. and also how to kill and injure myself. I never believe those are real and I have those even when i am doing better than baseline. I never get rid of hallucinations no matter what meds or how many meds I go on.

My therapist made me go to my parents this weekend, otherwise she was going to send me to the hospital. ADMIT ME! Parents is never a good choice, it just puts more stress on me, which means more hallucinations and less reality... but... anyways....

*sigh* I just don't know what to think anymore. am I really that far gone? I mean other than the normal depressed attitude of wanting to do absolutely nothing and sleeping horrendously odd hours.... I think I'm surviving alright. I mean I'm getting groceries.... going to my appointments.... keeping my apartment fairly clean. =/

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Whatever your therapist has suggested, I honestly wish you'd get on with it, because your way of living is making you evidently miserable and you post all the time about that. Obviously you could benefit from trying to work with the tdoc rather than dismissing what they say.

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