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I'm on Neurontin 800mg TID, and Topamax 100mg HS, So I have room to go up on the Top, if my brain doesn't rebel.

I've tried Lithium



All bad.

The neurontin isn't doing much for mood stabilization. Since they added the topamax its been a significant improvement.... to my migraines. Its helped a little bit with mood stabilization. but. not like WOW! I hope the Topamax works out, as I will probably obviously stay on it due to is HUGE help with migraines. but....

I've heard of Tegretol and Trileptal used for mood stabilizers, but no others. this has me worried.

Are there any other options?

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from crazymeds.us list of anticonvulsants/moodstabilizers:






Keep in mind that some AAP's are used for moodstabilization. My niece is BPI and had great mood stabilization on Seroquel. Topamax and Neurontin don't typically work as mood stabilizers for most people.

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