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In and out of treatment sixteen years; spent some time as a juvie under house arrest but never jailed or hospitalized. Diagnosed two and a half years ago with Bipolar NOS; dissociative disorders, ptsd, SAD, other things i can't remember at the moment also turn up on my charts from time to time, and i'm wondering just what that "deferred" next to the personality disorder blank means. Low doses of lamictal keep me stable enough that i remember to brush my teeth most days. A house full of variously whacko humans and cats and chickens and dogs keep me from navel-gazing too much. One in particular is a candidate for therapy dog.

Honestly, i prefer Batshit NOS. The ever-changing labels are just new things to obsess over.

I'm a writer by trade, and sometimes i lose my grip on the language. This, more than anything -- more than forgetting to look before i cross the street and walking out in front of a bus, more that the days when to floor rolls and the walls are all crooked, more than losing my dog -- scares the shit out of me.

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Hi Shael, welcome!

Feel free to post. PM any of the mods if you need help.

..i'm wondering just what that "deferred" next to the personality disorder blank means...

It means the clinician was unable to fully evaluate that item and deferred or put off till later making a judgement, probably for further observation.

Either way, we'll take you!

cheers, a.m.

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welcome shael. i had the language problem when i was on lamictal, too, and found it really alarming. i'm not sure there's an answer - it never got better for me - i just had to learn to relax about the fact that it might take me a day or two to find exactly the word i was looking for. (not to mention the typing issue - making the same exact typo over and over while trying to fix it - oy vey.)

i suppose in the grand scheme of SEs, it's a relatively harmless one, but we all have to decide what we can live with and what we can't.

do you really have chickens in the house? that's kind of cool


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