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Guest soom2bdownunder

Saw the Dr. Since I have put up w/ the eye issue w/ lamictal forever, I delayed taking it until shortly before he was due. (You all know how you have to sit in the room they drag you to & sit until they bother to come in.) Took about 15-20 minutes for the eye to start moving up & down. Needless to say, when he finally arrived & was encouraged to look in these eyes he finally realized they are indeed nystagnus. Just like I had been griping about forever. All the blood work came back, so had I not delayed the drug I'm sure the doses would have been remained.

Unfortunately, (he's still not wise) he doesn't want the lamictal lowered. He does however, finally agree to trash the damn pheno. Personally, I know the lamictal is the problem, but I'm static to get off pheno. I may have some common sense after all. No garantee though. I found out the status seizure I had, went on for 10 frickin hrs. I figured 3. That's why they put me in the coma.

Always have a power of attorney & don't wait until your next problem to bring it to the hospital. You may be unconscious & someone fails to hand it over to the hospital. Just a bit of advice!

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