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;) When I first started taking Trilyptil (sp) it made such a big difference in my mood.

Granted I'm still working my way up to the therapuetic dosage but already my mood is slipping.



I have experienced the same feeling. When I started Dexedrine the first few days were great, I could focus, I could read! But the effect lost its intensity. I think some of that is just the body getting used to the medication. At first you may really notice a change in mood, etc., because the medication is working for you. I don't think that once the intensity wears off that we should abandon hope that the med will continue to work.

Another way to think about it is how would you feel if you stopped taking a medication that you think or knew was helping. I take Tripetal as part of my BP cocktail. It also helps me control my rage. At one time my pdoc wanted me to titrate down on my dose. The result was instant rage and I went back up on the dose the same day. Since then I refuse to lower my dose or to stop taking Trilpetal.

Placebos work for many people simply because of the thought that they are taking a medication that should help their symptoms. Perhaps at times we have to add a little faith when taking our medications that they will work afterall.

I know you have had a tough time finding the right cocktail. And this can be a long and difficult process. But why not add a little faith in a medication that seems to be showing results?

Just my .02 cents and a lot of experience, good and bad, with many medications.


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What's the deal?

Hey Rhonda-

I think BP disorder is a moving target. Sometimes it rest for a while and then it moves up or down (or both).

I have been stable now for about four months, this being the first time since I was dx'd almost three years ago. I still have to tweak my cocktail every now and then usually due to a side effect. I know, it's no damn fun but it gets better with time. I guess we get used to it, I don't know.

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