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Abilify-The odds of Tardive Dyskenesia

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Hi all,

New to the site, hope you're all doing well.

Here's my question: I'm trying to find information on the odds of coming down with Tardive Dyskenesia from using Abilify now for three years. I take a small maintenance dose (2.5) to keep my depression, anxiety, and other issues at bay. Of course, I'm worred about TD since it seems to strike the long-term users most. Does anyone have any numbers on TD or preventing it with Abilify?



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Hi welcome!

Looking at the PI sheet summary, Abilify is pretty darn safe relating to Tardive Diskynesthia. You have a less than 1% chance and greater than 1/1000th% chance of developing TD. In the world of crazy meds, those are a relatively rare occurrences.

best, a.m.

(from Rxlist.com:

Nervous System Disorders:

≥ 1/100 patients - coordination abnormal;

≥ 1/1000 patients and < 1/100 patients - speech disorder, dyskinesia, parkinsonism, dystonia, cogwheel rigidity, memory impairment, cerebrovascular accident, hypokinesia, tardive dyskinesia, hypotonia, hypertonia, akinesia, myoclonus, bradykinesia;

< 1/1000 patients -Grand Mal convulsion, choreoathetosis

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I'm one od the "lucky" ones ;) I have dyskinesia, parkinsonism, and memory problems. I've been on Abilify since Sept 2005, going from 15 mg. to 30 mg. in a year and then dropping down to 5 mg. when the dyskinesia and parkinsonism started, and also added Cogentin to try to deal with it. It helps pretty much. The memory problems I have didn't really start until I had a bunch of ECT sessions, so in my case, I don't think they're from the Abilify.


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