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basic chronology:

[edited, too much info] usernametaken

how to i say to pdoc on monday what i need

i am becoming abnormaly psychology with the intellectual dictionary of a science grad student, just handle me to take it off my consciouness, i can't take this evolution going at the pace i'm going


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well, i'm replying to myself.

in this world you can only help yourself. friends and family help so much. meds help. holding someone's confidence helps. income helps. insurance sometimes helps. i have just scraped by as a mental health story. It will a success story: entirely to rare in a world of involuntary hospitalization, purfuse ignorance, and unmanageable arrogance. I hope that my stories and hand in the CB community have been of help, that i have lived my true and crazy heart here with you all. But now-a-days CB is causing me more anxiety than it relieves, and i don't think that will change. for giving me strenght in all the dark woods, i thanks each and everyone of you for your honesty and shared experiences. But it is time for me to leave the CrazyBoards community, stronger.

amdist this latest bout, my levelish head has found p(t,djklm)doc support and the dream to become my niche in the world. i couldn't have done it without you guys. now i want the life of an advocate, an artist, a professional. i can see a way to live that/my life. i never want to die, but i'd be ok still if i did. but i promise on all my advice archived here, i will never take my own life, no matter how badly the thoughts my plauge me, or the social sphere won't co-operate, this story does not end as newspaper clip and a trail of tears, vacums in the hearts of those who ask what "if I had....?"

call it my good-bye promise

i'll log in every now and then for PMs and a sorta Sunday drive past the shambbled and yet always rebuilding small town on MI state-Hwy 66 that i love.

VE, i better still be able to see that wish list. i owe you

over-extended my privacy and a farewell,

Dude if the my cell and laptop were ever hacked, my identity could totally be made into that of the 22 year-old NJ resident who was apparently sleeping with Gov Spitzer as a high end prostitute. How creepy is that fbi?

main stream media is not helping the world of the crazies

protect yourself MI vulnerables, getting your help and building a support structure you can trust

that is the last of my advice.


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