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hi! looked and looked for an introduction place, couldnt find it, so here i am...in the Improper place, i guess!

my name is comfort and i belong to an mpd family. our "family group name" is moleys counsel. i am the only one out and our family is small, now. we do not believe in integration of d.i.d. we prefer to use mpd, so that's what you'll see most of the time. our official dx is ddnos. plus a few other mental and physical things .

our family consists of [moley, age 49, Furr, female...she's recently had a major breakdown and gone inside indefinately] [myself (comfort, remember?) age 30, human, female...keeper of the fort for the time being] [joe, age 22, human, male...he likes building stuff] [h'anna, age 5, human, female...loves to play...pretty shy at first and Loves to laugh]...there are others inside the Inner Worlds, but they dont come out much any more. we had a forced integration a few years ago and that was bad. the body that we host is age 56, human, female. we live in the south in the U.S.

(my space key on the key board sticks,so if my words run together, i'm sorry! i Do try to fix it)

we've been on other groups and i'm not particularly shy. so...can i jump in, now!?

comfort @};-

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Hi, Comfort, and welcome to Crazyboards. I moved your post to the Introduction section, but left a link so I hope you will be able to find it again.

We have a forum for DID, if you would like to visit there. We have pretty simple rules---we try to be supportive without too much gooshy hugging. heh

I hope you find a home here. Please PM any of the mods if you have a question.


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