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How to feel completely invisible


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I am sso mad right now I can't stand it!!

I just fell down - right on my a$$ in front of the pharmacy counter, with about 8 people sitting/ standing waiting for the pharmacy.

and not one single person said a word. i said sorry because i swore on the way down and didn't want to offend the old ladies. Now i'm on my a$$ and i'm the one saying sorry. not one person offered help or words. talk about people suck!!!

does the world know no manners anymore? not one are you ok or do you need a hand. impolite from customers- unacceptable for the employees. (liability anyone?)

I was fuming as i walkied out and cried and screamed in the car all the way home.

when i finally calmed down i noticed rug burns on my hands, a cut that looks like i fell on a thumbtack, and my shoulder is all out of wack- probably from using that arm to try to break the fall.

I'm no longer crying, but i'm furious and i hurt. my hands hurt, my shoulder hurts.

( at least when i got calm, i called and spoke to very apologetic store manager who is giving me a gift certificate- hey i'll take what i can get.)

all this on top of the fact that they didn't have my scripts ready and couldn't find them ( they never can- they always suck) and i'd been waiting, and so a two minute errand turns to a nightmare.

fuc$ing people!!


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That is pretty crappy. Were all the people around you elderly and too frail to help you up? (Unlikely).

sigh. I hope you feel better now and I'm glad the pharmacy had the grace to offer you a gift certificate. It really is such bad manners and inexcusable that no one helped you.


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Oh crap - you poor thing. It sounds like a bad fall, I agree - how could no one do anything?

I'm sorry I wasn't there - I would have helped you.

I hope you feel better, both physically and emotionally, tomorrow.

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thanks- i knew you guys would have helped

there were the two old ladies i felt bad about swearing in front of. but in the four other chairs and those standing- i'd say 20s and 30s.

so i tried to talk onthe phone today to the manger i spoke to yesterday- of course he wasn't there. i really didn't want to have to call the pharmacy to see if they had my latest script ready. i asked my husband to go pick it up along with the gift certificate ( or whatever he gave me).

He was nice about going- its not on his way home but he knew i couldn't face walking back in there today.

i'm sure they all hate me and whisper my name along with the fact i was picking up seroquel. i can just hear it- ooh she must be one of those....AAGGHHH!!!!!

something else must have gotten to me later in the evening. i was irritable guess hubby wasn't quite as understanding as i'd hoped ( in fact he laughed- thanks so much)

i stomped off to bed at around 8. i closed the door and sobbed for what seemed forever. I couldn't stop crying and i couldn't catch my breath- i think it was a good 1/2 hr till eventually my night meds plus every prn i could think of got me down to sleep. I can't remember the last time i cried so hard and for so long.

can we say vulnerable?? wtf? i don't know what is up ( except i have too much thyroid medicine in me from my blood test the other day. maybe this is related to being more on the hyper- than hypo thyroid side. who knows.

i feel like i'm a constant pharmaceutical f*ck up!!

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Mrs L - that truly sucks, and I would've certainly helped you and asked if you were ok. Can I ask why you fell? Was the floor wet and you slipped? You may want to go to your doc and have your shoulder looked at if it's still bothering you - it's easy to cause damage and not realize how bad it is until further down the road.

As for manners...no, the general "public" is utterly and completely lacking in manners - it is deplorable.

PS: I too have the fear that the pharmacy staff whispers about me bc of my psyche meds...how funny is that?

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