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I have seen 2 people in 2 days.

I have anxiety and worry about stuff, ask the same questions a bunch of times, obsessive thoughts, trouble making up my mind, etc and one clinical nurse wanted to give me risperdal and then probably some ssri

The other dr. wants me to try lexapro.

does anyone have similar problems and what do you take?

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High dose SSRIs are an effective treatment for OCD, which it sounds like you have a touch of.  The Risp may well help as well and kick in a lot faster, but it might also cause some "cognitive dulling."


The dr. I saw today told me risp won't help because although my mind races it is because of anxiety more than anything.  So I obsess over stuff because I am anxious and worry.

THe only thing with him was he wasn't that friendly and he didn't really explain a whole lot to me.

I think my search will continue I guess.

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