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SUP (new livejournal ownership) censors top interests


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Sex, boys, guys, girls, fanfiction, yaoi, hardcore, porn, bondage, faeries, pain, depression, and bisexuality

Censored out of the "top interests" list.

Fuck you, SUP.

And this is actually the second lj-scandal for today and the third for this week.

This one:






SUP's response: http://news.livejournal.com/106909.html?th...24701#t70124701


Translation from Russian: http://darkrosetiger.livejournal.com/373663.html

For your own vaguely comparable Babelfish translation go to http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/tr and run the link through: http://www.izbrannoe.info/30184.html

The original scandal: Livejournal removes the ability to create new basic (non-ad) accounts (that's not really a scandal) and then obscures it by announcing that they've streamlined the new account registration process to make it less confusing:


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i love what a total tool the owner of SUP is. someone should lock him up and hire a PR firm. the dude obviously has outright contempt for his users which is like... why the fuck do you run a blogging service then?

(it's all about twitter now, yup. micro the blog. hahahahah. ok i'm kidding, we need free blogs like LJ for people to express themselves and stay in touch with people in more than 140 characters.)

i guess it was bad that 6apart sold LJ....

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