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Ritalin makes me tired but Adderall works better but keeps me up?

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Wondering what people's experiences have been on either? Ritalin doesn't seem as effective,but a BIT less anxiety causing since I have that to, however it doesn't work as good as Adderall.

Ritalin also seems to basically knock me out by my last dose, I can hardly stay awake. Then Adderall is much better for energy as I take Cymbalta (just started again - it works the best for the anxiety, along with 2mg xanax xr 2xper day). So I know that must make me tired but without it I am anxious, but the adderall seems to balance that tired out and I am calm and focused, but still full of energy?

How do I know if it is really ADD or OCD? I know with Adderall and to some extent Ritalin I can sit at my desk and actually concentrate more, read my documents before sendingand paying more attention, etc.

I wonder if I up Ritalin if the same thing would happen where the anxiety goes up a bit. Today wasn't bad, I took Ritalin for 3 days and it just wasn't doing it, so back to Adderall which I was taking for 3.5 weeks, doing OK, stopped it for 2 days, tried Ritalin (only 2 doses) and it didn't seem to work, then back to Adderall. However it sent my anxiety through the roof and my heart was racing.

How do you know if you have a fast heart or irregular heart beat?

So what next, wait until the anxiety is better with the cymbalta kicking in since it ihas only been 3 days for that, or dexidrine?

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