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I switched meds in January, from Sulpiride to Seroquel (I also take Lamictal 400mg). I stopped the Sulpiride after 8 years on it as my prolactin was sky-high. In January, it measured 1000, but, two weeks ago, after having finally had normal periods reappear for two months after years of amenorrhea, I got it measured in the morning while menstruating. It had gone up to 3000! It has never, in all the time on Sulpiride , gone above 2000. My doc said she didn't understand why either. It has to be said I was taking 100mg Sulpiride as needed to cope with the adjustment to Seroquel and I did take it that morning. However, that is nothing compared to the 800mg of Sulpiride I came off in January!

My GP and I talked about possible reasons it could have occurred, like the intense stress I have been under due to a return of HPPD symptoms and other hallucinations. I have been off work since February and am hoping to return in early April, fingers crossed.

I am despairing about the prolactin as our great hope was that Seroquel which is supposed to be mild and not a prolactin-increaser, would sort the problem out. I have not lactated , my sex drive has always been strong and I don't have any brain tumours, as evidenced by a few MRIs over the years. The only symptoms were depression and no periods. Of course, there is also an increased risk of breast cancer with prolactin and that terrifies me, understandably.

Any ideas? I am due to have another test soon, but wondered whether anyone knew why the increase may have occurred.

Thanks a million!


Dx : Schizoaffective with BPI. , HPPD

Meds: Lamictal 400mg, Seroquel 625mg, occasional 0.5 mg Lorazepam.

Omega 3, Vitamin B complex.

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Guest sharonb

My prolactin levels are low, yet my psych says seroquel will increase the levels. Yet, it increases my risk of cataracts. DAMN!!

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I've had prolactin problems on Risperdal (lactation, loss of sex drive/responsiveness), but they put me on a low dose of Abilify and that seems to have put things mostly back in order. I still lactate a little bit, but I have to be trying to get anything out. I haven't had my prolactin checked again, but given that the symptoms have decreased, I'm probably in a better range.

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