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time for an introduction

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Hey y'all!

I'm Sarah (obviously). Psyc info in signature.

Um, lets see. I'll graduate in May with a BA in sociology, minor in psyc. At some point I plan to go to grad school for maybe social work or counseling. I live in a small ass town in SE TX. I hate it. I had to move back home with my parents for extra accountability. I was at the Menninger Cinic in Houston from Dec 2 through Jan 15. It was an amazing place. I loved the staff, the groups. . .I made some amazing friends. Before that, I was in an acute care facility for 10 days.

I think I'll copy and paste my "about me" from Facebook:

  • I'm honest, compassionate and open-minded. But I can also be indecisive, impatient, impulsive and stubborn. Snarky even.
  • I have a slight rebellious streak and I like doing or saying things that shock people. I'm also a bit self-destructive, but I'm working on that.
  • Caffeine is the only addiction I have left. Grande caramel macchiato please!
  • Books and music are my lifesavers.
  • I hate racism, snap judgments, and littering.
  • I wish I had the resources to travel extensively. I like trying new food, and experiencing different cultures.
  • Don't mistake me for a snob, I'm just quiet. I have a very defined sense of personal space, so don't invade it.
  • I love word games like Scrabble, Scattergories and crossword puzzles. I have a growing list of favorite words--some of which I can't explain why they are a favorite.
  • I'm finally learning to be comfortable in my own skin.
  • Intelligence is sexy.

Any questions? I'm pretty much an open-book these days, while at Menninger I realized how much freedom there is in being completely honest with everyone! (okay so I may also have some boundary issues and I tend to over-share sometimes. . .)

Anyway. Glad to be here!

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Welcome, Sarah. Feel free to PM a mod if you have a question or concern. If you like to blog, we have a blog section and a wide spectrum of crazies who hang out there. We hope you like the asylum.


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