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What about a lower dose of Wellbutrin?  That is an awful lot for BP1 on no mood stabilizers with a history of AD-induced mania. I've found that 300mg knocks me out of the park, and even 150 is dicey, but 100 may be okay, in combination with both lithium and Lamictal.

I've got no magic category of drugs, I'm afraid.  But I personally love lithium for the kind of state you're describing, and I find it helps at blood levels well below 1.0 (i.e., minimal side effects).  Lamictal hasn't killed me yet either (got some hallucinations, cut dose, they stopped), but its benefits are less obvious.

Also, if you're going to start at low doses and watch yourself, your odds of getting irreversible/fatal side effects from either of these drugs are probably lower than your odds of dying from a mixed state.  So you could always start one and then re-evaluate once you'd leveled off a bit.

Feel better.  It sounds miserable.


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  You might try some natural stuff, like relaxaton methods.

there are some wonderful breathing and realxation cd's by Dr. Andrew Weil. I have anxiety, not BP, but I am learning relaxtion in addition to meds.


Swmming or walking, or running - any exercise

Tai Chi - my husband was agoraphobic and we had an instructor come to the house

There are a lot of options that are not meds that can help you relax. We are big on meditaion around here and we do bio-feedback too. REALLY helps.

Just a thought


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I just wondered if there was some category of drugs I was completely unaware of to help with this stufff that WONT kill me. I wanna 100%sure it wont kill me.

Well, yeah, so do we all. 

Like it says on the main crazymeds site, if you tend to get intolerable side effects, start at extra low doses and titrate up very sloooowwly. You can always back down to a lower dose if you are having trouble with an increase.

Good luck. I hope you find something soon.


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I just wondered if there was some category of drugs I was completely unaware of to help with this stufff that WONT kill me. I wanna 100%sure it wont kill me.


Untreated, this illness will probably kill you. Your best chance really is to take the medications. If you have wierd side effects or you're nervous then start with small doses and work up slowly.

You're going to have to tolerate some effects you don't like, the real question is whether you prefer to tolerate the illness or the med side effects? (See: "What sucks less?" on the Side Effect Board.)


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Kassi is right. There is no perfect med.

I see that you are bipolar and you're on Wellbutrin and a baby dose of clonazepam? I don't see how you've made it this far. Seriously.

Should you be taking Wellbutrin since you're BP?

Clonazepam is worthless to me. It was always hit or miss. Try Klonopin if your insurance company will spring for name brand.

Lithium or Lamictal are the only two true mood stabilizers. Neither have life-threatening effects for the average Joe.

Good luck!

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Guest Guest

Twitches whatever they are not probably TD. Given the level of complaints some twitching seems like a reasonable trade off.

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All I can say is I was just like you until I reached the end of the drug train and got to the MAOI's.  Got on Nardil and got my life back.  By then it was 'screw the food interactions etc., it's either take it or die anyway' so I did. 

That was me.  Your mileage may vary.


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Lamictal, Abilify,

Have you added any amino acids or supplements?  I know MIs need meds, but if they're not working on their own... I know I haven't been able to go the natural route on it's own. My nutritionist and my prescriber have me adding the following to my daily regiment (effexor, wellbutrin, risperdal): GABA (for non-sedating calm); Omega-3 Fatty Acids through pure fish oil, DL Phenylalanine (facilitates better metabolism of meds);

Other things I've heard of:

5-HTP--but only if you're not prone to seratonin syndrome

Valerian Root-for sleep

Dong Quai-for moods

Evening Primrose Oil

sigh... what ive tried...think i remembered them all

1.prozac-hospitalized(u wanna see crazy?!)2.lorazapam-sicksicksick

3.effexor-did nothing

4.paxil-hallucinated like it was LSD

5.zoloft-hospitalized(u wanna see crazier?!)

6.nozanan-horrid disgustingly sick/nightmares

7.clonazapam-not doing much

8.manerix-worked for a while

9.wellbutrin-making me manic

10.risperdal- twitches




14.trazadone-12.5mgs made me sleep through peeing the bed!

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