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I'm being put on Desoxyn (having already tried Dexedrine and Methylphenidate with minimal success and no desire to try adderall) and I would like to know, if anyone here has experience with it, how bad the dry-mouth is compared to Dexedrine.

I've read that Desoxyn has fewer, or less severe, side effects but I have also been told that dry-mouth is common.

I had to have eight teeth drilled n' filled because of the dry-mouth caused by Dexedrine; despite it's effectiveness in improving my concentration and reducing my appetite (I weighed 177 Lbs when I was taken off of Dexedrine, I am now about 240 Lbs [damn you abilify! >.O], and my ideal weight for my height and age is about 160), I am reluctant to take it or, frankly, any stimulant again but the simple truth is that I do not function well without them.

I'm guessing that, at worst, I will just have to pay better attention to my dental hygeine (which I really should do anyway....>.>) but I want to hear what you guys have to say on the matter.

ps: I'm sorry if this post rambles weirdly; I didn't get to sleep until 6am last night (very unusual for me).

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Not sure why no one else answered this.

I have had problems with dry mouth but I've become fairly good about taking care of my teeth, plus I find sugarless gum helps a lot. Plus of course just drinking a glass of water and rinsing now and then, I suppose.

I take other things that give me dry mouth too, but Adderall, and now Dexedrine, kind of pushed me over the edge to where I had to learn to deal.

Your drugstore will also have special mouthwash, etc. for dry mouth. Helps some.

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