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klonopin- when should i take it compared to doses of ativan

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i need some help with my new med.

i was on 2mg of ativan 2 x a day. i took it at 8 am and 2 pm. it had lost a lot of effectiveness.

now i am on 1 mg of klonopin 2x a day. i feel like a total zombie, i tried taking the doses at the same time as the ativan but i feel sooo out of it. and im afraid to drive anywhere.

do you suggest i lower my doses or change the times i take it or what? this drug is effing strong.

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If I were you... i'd invest in a pill cutter and try taking a half twice a day for a bit... and if that doesn't do it... then gradually move your way up to the 1mg if it is comfortable.

I switched from ativan to klonopin... It took me a good 2 weeks to get used to klonopin over ativan. But it sure did work better ;)

Klonopin also lasts longer... which could be that the first dose you take is overlapping with the second... do you feel like a zombie after the second? Maybe you should push it back a few hours. But i'm no doctor.

hope I helped

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