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Can't I just use my Jedi Powers?

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So here's the new plan...

starting lamictal (EVER SO SLOW titration that will take a couple of months to get to destination dose of 200mg)

concurrent with starting levothyroxine (0.025mg baby dose for the "borderline sluggish" thyroid)

double down on the omega 3 fish oils (4 caps/day instead of two)


3000 iu of vitamin D (as according to most recent labs, I'm still "hypovitaminosis" level)

keep the calcium citrate (to help the vit D absorption)

and potentially raising Cymbalta to 90mg

while keeping 4 mg lorazepam

and taper slurroquel when the lamictal kicks in

For those of you playing along at home who missed our last episode,

current Rx includes

60 mg Cymbalta

3-4 mg lorazepam on a schedule, not prn any more

2000 iu vitamin D

2 omega 3 caps

calcium citrate

and 600 mg of slurroquel

This is what happens when I have a GP and psyNP appointment in the same week. Both, however, state there "shouldn't be any problems" with the levothyroxine and lamictal at the same time as well as the niacin except that it's bad science to change more than one variable at a time. But given that we're trying to keep me out of hospital with all my toes and internal organs intact, maybe it's fine to change up lots at once.

Any thoughts from the brain trust?



(who has spent the weekend obsessively watching old episodes of Bones on line while knitting a sock so I could make good on promise to a friend about making her an orange sock monkey... who knew non-blaze orange socks would be so difficult to find this time of year in the People's Republic of Oregon?)

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Hey Woo -

FWIW, I've changed multiple things at once in the past to no ill effect. Pretty recently I stopped Cymbalta, & added Wellbutrin & Lamictal, all in one fell swoop, which worked out pretty well.

But I can't help thinking that, given what I remember of your symptoms, the switch from Seroquel to Lamictal seems like kind of a wierd choice. How did psyNP arrive at that decision?

Hope the sock is going well - socks are hard!


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Initial response?? Yes. You can use your Jedi powers to help your meds work and to heal all your mental & psychological wounds. Close your eyes and think real hard, and before you know it - POOF! You're healed!!

Secondary response? What the heck is hypovitaminosis? I can never remember if hypo is too much or too little. And yes, the lamictal titration seriously sucks, but hang in there. For me there was a time that I was going down on depakote and up on lamictal at the same time, so for a while I was undermedicated. Just be careful and keep an eye out for negative repurcussions.

Remember that (theorhetically) every med change brings you closer to the best combo for you. It's royally annoying, but hopefully the outcome will be better than the ingo.

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Any thoughts from the brain trust?

Thyroid hormone's one of those "let's not wait" meds. If you need it, you start it.

The Vitamin D+calcium routine works better it you get some direct sunshine every day. That's what I've read - I'll let someone else be the guinea pig.

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