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Alcohol Dependence May Respond To Aripiprazole

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I wouldn't say it's "too strong". Quite frankly, I'm fairly open to whatever may work to fight alcoholism.

My issue is...gee, that's kind of a lame "study". It presents an interesting opening thought, but gee...drinking on an AAP makes you more tired? Duh! It took a study to figure that out? Why didn't they sign me up? Free beer!

I also wonder at the subjectiveness of the "less pleasure from alcohol" that was reported. I mean, what exactly did they mean by that and how might it translate to an alcoholic? When I was first put on topamax, in part for drinking, it...almost completely shut off my drinking circuit. Not "less pleasure" but...essentially nothing. I still felt this urge to drink, from sheer habit, but I just had no physical need to drink. So how, I wonder, do they think "less pleasure" will translate into effective treatment?

So, going all circular, I guess I can agree: with other effective meds (such as topamax or campral), maybe this is a bit much. And too damn expensive by half!

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