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Why do you get so irritated at everything all the time?


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Is the moronic question my husband barked at me today.

Hmm. Let's see. Maybe because everything is so damn irritating. Don't you think I'd walk around in a brain dead stupor 24/7 if I could? I want to be fat, dumb and happy just like everyone else but this thing called my brain that processes all the stupidity in the world, that I perceive, that everyone else is oblivious to, kind of prevents me from it.


Seriously, everything and everyone gets on my damn nerves and most of the time I really do feel like there's a damn good reason for me to be irritated at it/them.

Maybe he should get inside my head for awhile and see what if feels like to be me. Maybe he should start eating Wellbutrin and see if he likes the way it feels.

Maybe he doesn't realize that I'm actually doing quite well because I've managed to control my urges to rip people's heads off.

It just really pisses me off when people don't get it. They wouldn't go up to an epileptic and ask: Why do you have to shake around like that all the time? Or to an asthmatic: Why do you constantly wheeze like that?

People are so ignorant it sickens me. When it comes to the manifestations and symptoms of MI they act like it's your fault. Like it's some character flaw that you should fix pronto, for everyone else's sake.

He's really lucky I didn't haul off and smack him... but I didn't. See how well adjusted I am?


Then he started mocking me. Yeah, that's going to accomplish a lot.

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I completely aggee that his response is inappropriate and irritating.

You know what would catch him completely off-guard? No kidding - next time he does that - start tickling him. Is he ticklish?

Then, don't stop - even if he begs you to stop - until he promises to not be so rude. If he swats you away, just start tickling another part of him - and keep doing it - until he promises to be more respectful of your feelings.

I'm serious. It's just an idea - I am not sure it would work, but it's worth a shot. And it's better than htting him, or screaming (which might be what you feel like doing. I would be).

- Susan

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