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I highly recommend the following title for anyone suffering from Panic Disorder or an Anxiety Disorder with Panic Attacks.

"Overcoming Panic", By Franklin.

It is available through the Australian Psychological Society.


[Moderator Edit:

The above link is no longer active, and the referenced book appears to be out-of-print, but may still be available for purchase. Search on this updated link:


- Cerberus ]

It is a 9 week program that helps you:

- understand the disorder, its symptoms, and gain some comfortability with it (psychotherapy)

- understand the triggers for your attacks

- become exposed to the panic attack symptoms and learn to not be afraid of them (CBT)

- learn relaxation techniques such as slow breathing and meditation. 

It can be done alone, or in conjunction with a properly trained clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. It requires 1 hr a day for 9 weeks, essentially, and it really will change your life. It may not cure you for good but it will definitely help.  It is a workbook style book.

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