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Adderall + Wellbutrin

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Hi. Well.. I've been taking Adderall for almost 2 years now. For about a year it was pretty great... I was able to stay focused and on task, I was actually listening to what people and teachers were saying, I became a lot more social... and I was happy.

But for almost a year now, I have been feeling... kind of crappy, I guess. I don't feel depressed, I usually don't feel sad or anything. I've just gotten really antisocial. Most of the time I feel like being alone, and working on stuff by myself. It has little to do with social anxiety... it's more like I just don't want to talk to anyone. I have little desire for human interaction, and that scares the shit out of me, because I know it is NOT normal. But even so, it doesn't motivate me to try. I don't particularly feel lonely, and I am fine when I have to interact with people during classes. I actually tend to enjoy that. But at the end of the day, I would rather be by myself.

I get irritated and agitated really easily, this usually happens at my apartment or when when there is a lot of noise/people talking loudly (I hate being in lecture halls). Sometimes I'm so irritated that I feel like I'm going to blow up (but I have never taken my emotions out on anyone), and wish I had a punching bag, because it all gets built up inside of me. And it could be anything from my roommates' voices to the internet working slowly. Sometimes I feel kind of robotic... like I have no use for people because I have other better things to do. I hardly EVER watch TV anymore and have only gone out three times on the weekends this semester (mid January - present), and I didn't even want to go in the first place (all three were for birthdays, one of which was mine). I also workout about 3 times a week, unless I'm really busy with school. I'm doing fine in my classes, I enjoy studying and taking notes. I never see any of my friends besides my roommates (by choice).

Does anyone have any experience with Adderall making you extremely antisocial like this?

And does anybody have experience with Wellbutrin making it better?

The psychiatrist here at school (I'm in college) suggested Wellbutrin. I originally went to him to try to change my Adderall prescription to something else, thinking that was the main problem (also because it's really expensive). He says that if Adderall was the culprit, then I would have experienced this stuff when I first started taking it. He said that it sounds more like a problem with depression, and prescribed the Wellbutrin. Also, he couldn't prescribe me to a different stimulant without having the records from my psychiatrist from home... which sucks, because I really need it to stay focused in class and to do my homework.

Side note: by complete coincidence, today I found this invoice for my last visit with the psychiatrist from home. ADD is not listed in the diagnosis section (they are listed as numbers, I looked them up on the internet, they seem to be from the ICD), so I don't know what his basis is for prescribing me to Adderall if he doesn't think I have ADD. I was under the impression that he did diagnose me with it, and now I don't think transferring the records will even matter for my local psychiatrist until I take an ADD test. I'm just confused on that whole thing.

Sorry, I didn't mean for this to be so long, but I just feel like this whole thing has so many factors and I'm confused and I just wanted to explain what's going on.

EDIT: This wasn't 100% clear what I wanted to know. I'm curious about Wellbutrin and Adderall at the same time - whether or not Wellbutrin will help clear up that antisocial stuff that may or may not be from the Adderall.

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