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i hate to bring this up but I need to vent

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My therapist is really driving me crazy. She says it isnt about the weight nd yet she forces weight gain shakes on me, or threatens to admit me. I dont think this is right, not the weight gain, but being hypocritical and saying that I need to drink these, but not dealing with the underlying issues. and not to mention, I have been trying really hard eating wise lately. and the only reason i am losing weight is bc I have an disease that makes me lose weight due to nausea. so whenever i eat even a normal meal, I am puking it up. and I am being honest here, I have never puked up on purpose, even in the fits of being hardcore into my ed. so I am not makin gmyself. But I just dont understand why they would push hte weight gain first. It is a lot for me to handle, considering i am trying without the weight gain shakes.

I am sorry in advance for this post, but I cant help it. I need to vent.

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hey my love!!

Don't stress! That is what this plae is for. Vent away.

Don't want to be nosy, and tell me if i am, but whats wrong with you? why are you getting sick when eating? Wnat to help but not sure whats wrong???

Hope you not feeling to bad.

All my love


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