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Something usefull

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I just posted this somewhere else very randomly.

But found it rather useful.

Been trying to find info on abilify and some latest comparrisons between meds, and got this from my med student friends.

Its on all Psych meds.

One document too, so no flipping around from one to the other. Very easy to read and user friendly.

Thought somebody might find it useful if need be!!

[link=http://www.medical-library.org/library/secure/Psychiatric_Drugs.pdf" target="_blank]http://www.medical-library.org/library/sec...atric_Drugs.pdf[/link]

Handbook of Psychiatric Drugs

2008 Edition

It probably is really helpful, the problem is that when I click the link, it requests a user name and password to sign-in. Then when I click the "register" link, it brings me to a page that requires a $9.99 subscription fee.

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