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Hi, I'm new around here, a friend suggested this board and I am grateful for that.

I'm 34, married and a stay at home mom, I have 5 children. Four boys ages 11,10,8,6 and one girl age 7.

I have been dealing with various mental health issues since I was a young teen, but seeking help in my family was frowned upon. I am diagnosed with bipolar (rapid cycling), generalized anxiety disorder and I am also an alcoholic. I also have some major sensory issues, but my pdoc kind of disregards those.

My ten year son is also bipolar. In fact many members of my mothers family are most likely bipolar or suffer from some other types of issues.

I am currently taking 100 mg of lamictal, 600 mg of seroquel and 0.5 mg ativan. My meds help some but I still have bouts of depression and extreme exhaustion.

I recently spent 8 days in a mood disorder unit at the hospital because I attempted to overdose on pills. I have an appointment with a new pdoc on Monday. I am worried that my current one does not understand how significant my anxiety and sensory issues are. This is all fairly new to me and I hope I get headed in the right direction soon because I am worried that my husband has had enough and is ready to divorce me.

I look forward to participating around here.

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Welcome seraphina - I'm glad you found us!

Good luck with your appointment with the new pdoc on Monday - I hope s/he listens to your full story (your recent hospitalisation is hugely significant, for one) and sets you on the right path.

See you on the boards!

best wishes,


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