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the far polar bear sends you bipolarish greetings

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oh crap. i meant fat polar bear

yeah. well. HI.

i'm like anyone else here a COMPLETE NUTJOB... bipolar wise. but who care i have got pretty much used to feel like crap.

i was on another forum and the mods sucked asses so i thought i try it here. i read the rules and i feel this site is a bit more open and democratic than the other one. and i really like to talk about nipple clamps ;)

yeah.... i'm basicly a nice guy (and stuff) and i know my flaws and compensate pretty good (eg, i will not bash you to death if you piss me off. i will just ask you to shut the fuck up in an extremely polite way :) without insulting you. but you will feel like shit afterwards anyways :) . kidding. im really nice.)

i also know pretty much about psychopills and stuff (basicly because i have taken them all and i read about what i put inside me (i mean orally))


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Welcome! If you wanna hang around with crazy people, you have come to the right place. Thanks for reading the rules first, and PM any of the mods if you have a question.


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