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public vs private blog posts

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i dont know if this is possible. and ive been trying to "test" it and i cant figure it out.

on my blog there are some things im ok with being "public" but then there are other things that need to be "private."

i cant figure out how if my blog is public, how do i make private entries? or is that just not possible?



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You need to do a few things.

1. Set your "private" list. If you already had a 'private' blog, then you know how to do this, I guess.

2. Set up a few categories. Some can be "public." Some can be "private."

Categories are under

Blog Settings > Categories

Add the Category. (You have to add it before you can designate it.)

Then "Edit" the category. You can change it to Public or Private at this point. The default is "Public."

3. You then need to go through on each topic and give it a category. Otherwise, the topics will remain public by default.

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I'd just like to add to what Silver wrote - there are two types of private: private club (which is the group of people you were allowing to read your blog before you set it public) and private. Any category you set to private will be seen only by you and anything set to private club will be seen only by those people in your "club". Anything set to public can be seen by anyone on CB. If you have certain things checked off on your blog, googlers can find your public parts too.

PM me if you'd like more help with this, I think it's a great idea to keep some stuff within your circle of friends.

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