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a guide to the blogs - how to use, functions, etc

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recently, after learning of some features of the blogs i started searching for a "guide," or something that explains the technical side of how the blogs work as well as a little note of the social side of the blogs.

i found something under the "help topics," but it was a lot of digging and i dont know if i would be able to find it again.

is there anyway there could be a "blog guide" pinned like the "how to use irc" ??? it might be helpful to new members and those of us who lack technical knowledge.



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I'm gonna Print

Two copies.

1 for when I

wad it up into a ball

and toss it,

Cuz I already


another For when

frustration sets in.

Because I Really

Had no clue.

I have"left-over parts syndrome" ;)

Then I talk to myself,

non-stop 'till it's

Finished,much to the


of my kid and now EX.

they really liked

my OCD too.

thanks lexapro for

bringing control to OCD.

Now I get to laugh.

It's raining, Stasis

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