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Topamax vs. Neurontin - Gaba Gaba HEY!

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Lamictal and Topamax together? I was actually aiming for that combination at one time! It rocks for ultradian cycling, heavy on the depression. But I got a severe rash from Lamictal. Oops. Jerod takes both, they're working pretty well, especially on the seizure end of things. The only thing to look out for, besides the rash, is the combination can make your muscles hurt. This makes sense, as they can prevent atonic seizures-I have atonics sometimes anyway, so I only got sore after gymnastics when I was on both, but then I got REALLY sore, but sometimes it's a major sore. Massages=good.

See www.crazymeds.us/lamictal.html andwww.crazymeds.us/topamax.html for the details. Yay details!



I take both Lamictal, 225mg, Topamax, 50mg, and a tiny dose of Klonopin for Bipolar NOS (primarily depression).

I started with the Lamictal, with mostly positive results, but really started to do well with the addition of even a small dose of Topamax. At 50mg of Topamax, I experience near-constant paresthesia, which is mostly just annoying; at 60mg, it becomes painful. After reading Kassiane's post, I am curious if the interaction between the two drugs could be exasperating the paresthesia and, if so, if anything that could be done to lessen the effects...

Thoughts? I love my Topamax.



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They both, IIRC, can cause paresthesia. How fast are you titrating? I know I got some tingles from Topamax. But it went away when my body got used to the dose, came back for a while when it was un-used to it, lather rinse repeat.


on my way to 550mg or so.


Hi Kassiane:

I have been on Lamictal for nine months without any problems.

For Topamax, and I know this will sound a little uneven, I could go up 15mg every four days (or longer):

15mg Topamax for 4 days.

30mg Topamax for 9 days.

45mg Topamax for 8 days.

60mg Topamax for 12 days.

50mg Topamax for 7 days.

I take all of my Topamax at night. When I hit 60mg, the pain started after a few days. I split the dose to 15mg in the morning, 15mg in the afternoon, and 30mg at night, but then I spent most of my day trying to stay awake. When I put the dose back together at night, the pain resumed. At 50mg, I reverted back to the annoying level of paresthesia, with which I can deal as the Topamax really does help.

I have looked into supplemental potassium, but my blood levels will not permit much supplementation. I really do need to stay awake during the day, and previous doctor supervised trials with a variety of stimulants, including Provigil, eliminate that as an option, and I don't know if it even would be an option. I do benefit from the 50mg dose, but I would love the opportunity to see how I would respond to a larger dose.

Thanks much in advance for any advice.

Todd (on my way to 55mg?).

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Wellll, just got back from  the doc and instead of Lamictal or Topamax she put me on Risperdal for the short term.  Since I am going through an immediate crisis (father-in-law just passed away) and my symptoms are becoming worse she thought the Risperdal would work quicker for the interim.

Gotta wait till next week to see how I do. 


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