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Hi everyone, I just joined the site because I have been having problems with people being able to understand what I am going through. I'm relatively newly diagnosed (December '07)with BP1 with a hx of panic attacks, OCD and PTSD symptoms. Only reason I ended up being diagnosed in December was because I went through a very, very traumatic breakup and almost went off the deep end.

Anyway, while it is still a little difficult to accept, it is helpful to be able to give a name to something that has casued me problems for years. Right now I am trying to find the right cocktail of meds and have had some issues with that (I was pulled out of work for a week by my pdoc and therapist). I'm having a hard time balancing everything because I am also in a new relationship that is too promising to put on the back burner because of my issues. ON TOP OF THAT (here's the real kicker), I am a mental health professional. So I am having difficulty dealing with the irony of my profession and my illness.

So I joined this site to learn through others' experiences and to hopefully be able to contribute information or insight as well.

I don't know how you guys do the cool bottom margin with your meds, so here is what I am taking:

Lamictal 150, Effexor XR 37.5 (just started today), Klonopin .5 PRN, and Ambien 10

I recently tried Cymbalta for a month but it was horrible. Prior to that, I took Wellbutrin up to 300, but pdoc took me off because Neurologist thinks I may have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy ;) The Wellbutrin/Lamictal combo worked wonders for me.

So, nice to meet everyone. I am happy to have found a community that covers so many relevant topics.

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Welcome to CB meshell,hope this site provides you with support you are seeking.I feel for irony of your profession and illness .

just pop in and talk to me anytime you feel like talking.

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darn i just lost another post into cyberspace- anyway- i was saying i'm glad you found us- a great bunch and many can relate to what you are going through.

Ok this is funny coming from me, as everyone knows how computer stupid I am-

but this one i figured out. at the top of the page click on my controls- it will go to info page for you . down the left side there is an edit signature- click on that and you can write stuff at the bottom that will show up on each post you write..

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I manage a residential treatment program for people with developmental disabilities with mental health issues. Our underlying treatment is DBT, which coincidentally I "studied" during a 9 day partial hospital program. I'm also a wealth of information about medications & side effects. But sometimes I think about it, and it feels strange. Yet, I feel it is my spiritual purpose to be there. My illness gives me empathy and an ability to advocate for people I support.

In the beginning was very judgmental of myself for having issues while being very accepting of other people's issues. But after enough nose dives, I'm more accepting of myself.

Hope you enjoy it around here. ;)


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ON TOP OF THAT (here's the real kicker), I am a mental health professional.

me too. a few of us around here are. i've been a counselor and case manager for years, and am now working as a therapy aide on an inpatient psych unit. god/the powers that be/whoever or whatever has a strange sense of humor, eh?

but i feel very similar to the way oreo does. because of my personal experiences, i have a strong empathy for other mentally interesting folks and a realistic understanding of what typically does and doesn't help us. the most well-meaning mentally "healthy" person can't have the same depth of understanding we do, just by dint of our experiences.

so, welcome to the tribe. good luck sorting out the meds (it can be a never-ending quest). hope you find cb fun & useful, there are lots of cool people here.


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