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3 Days So Far.

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Yes, it's been three whole days since I last cut.

I'm proud of myself, yet I wish I could continue to SI without letting down the people who care.

I currently have 40 + healing cuts on my body. I want to be able to wear short sleeve shirts and shorts without being horribly aware of all the cuts/scars.

I will stop. I refuse to let this control my life any longer. I will kill this addiction.

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That's wonderful!

I am also trying to stop so i can wear short sleeves/shorts. I just can't spend another hot hot summer in long sleeves!

Whatever motivates us right?

I know what you mean, wearing jackets in 90 degree weather = no fun. I kind of found places I could cut and no one would notice. It really depends on the angle I hold my arm etc. Eh, but no more!

This is intensely difficult.

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